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Trial Adoption Contract

Trial Adoption Agreement:

  • A 7-day Trial Adoption Period is offered to ensure that an animal is a good fit for the potential adopter(s) and existing pet(s).

  • Potential adopter must choose to adopt the animal or return them to Newman Nation once the 7-day Trial Adoption Period ends.

I understand and agree to the following:

  • The Trial Adoption Period is 7 days, starting when the animal arrives to my home, and I must choose to adopt this animal or return them to Newman Nation within these 7 days. If I cut off communication with Newman Nation or do not pay the adoption fee if I choose to adopt, Newman Nation has the right to seize the animal from my home as the animal remains their property until an official Adoption Contract is completed.

  • The stress of changing environments can lower an animal's immune system and/or cause behavioral changes. Newman Nation cannot guarantee the health or behavior of this animal.

  • I take full responsibility for any damage this animal does to my living area, pets, belongings, or myself with the understanding that these things occurred because I did not properly protect my living area, pets, belongings, or myself.

  • During the Trial Adoption Period, I will notify Newman Nation immediately in the event of the animal becoming sick, injured, or lost. 

  • I will pay the adoption fee of $200.00 in full if I decide to proceed with the adoption after the Trial Adoption Period.

Thanks for submitting!

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