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We wouldn't be able to run Newman Nation without generous contributions from senior pet-loving donors! Your support funds the necessary veterinary care that our neglected senior cats and dogs need. Even the smallest donation has the power to help save a senior pet's life. You can feel good that your tax-deductible donation is making a real difference as we don't have facility/operating costs and are 100% volunteer-run.

EIN: 81-4548702



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Mailing Address:


Newman Nation

PO Box 114

Island Lake, IL 60042



We now have Venmo! Search for our username @seniorpetsunited

Average Veterinary Costs

We work hard to establish relationships with veterinarians who are able to offer us a rescue discount. However, even with discounts, veterinary costs are high and add up quick when the patient is a senior pet who hasn't been well cared for.

Exam/Consultation... $65.00

Vaccines... $50.00

Senior Blood Panel... $200.00

Neuter... $150.00

Spay... $300.00

Fecal... $30.00

X-Rays... $200.00

Injectable Medication... $45.00

Tumor Removal Surgery... $400.00 +

Biopsy... $170.00

Dental... $500.00 +

Echocardiogram... $500.00

Emergency Hospitalization... $1,000.00

Euthanasia... $120.00

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