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Fostering Saves Lives

Newman Nation wouldn't exist without its dedicated foster base. Fostering is the selfless act of opening your home to a pet in need and caring for them until they are ready for adoption. We cover all veterinary costs while the animal is with you but we rely on our fosters to get the animal to and from the vet and administer any ongoing treatments or medications. Newman Nation is also happy to provide any necessary supplies for fosters, including pee pads, supplements, diapers, food, etc.


Forever Fosters

For us, the end goal isn't always a traditional adoption. Many senior pets come to us extremely vulnerable physically, mentally, and emotionally. We believe in providing a comfortable, stable environment that caters to a quality of life for our seniors, and sometimes that means staying in the home they've come to know and not turning their world upside down again.

A Forever Foster is an animal that you will foster for the remainder of their life, whether it be weeks, months, or years. These are typically senior cats and dogs that have disabilities, special needs, require intensive/specialized care, or who have a poor prognosis. Newman Nation covers 100% of a Forever Foster's veterinary care for life, including the cost of euthanasia.

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