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Saving Senior Pets Since 2017.

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We are a 100% foster-based and volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your tax-deductible donation goes towards the extensive veterinary care we provide our seniors.

What We Do

Newman Nation is a small, foster-based rescue primarily in Chicagoland. We focus on saving the most at-risk, special needs, or hospice senior cats and dogs. Our seniors receive extensive veterinary care to ensure a quality of life and either become available for adoption or stay with us for the remainder of their lives as Forever Fosters.


Fostering Saves Lives

We wouldn't exist without foster homes! Fosters open their hearts and homes to a senior in need and we support by covering all veterinary care.

Adopt a Senior Pet

There is no greater joy than bringing a senior pet into your home. We promote quality over quantity and promise it will be worth any heartache at the end!

Make a Donation

Your generous donation helps us provide extensive veterinary care to our senior cats and dogs, including diagnostics, surgeries, medications, and more.

Shop to Support Senior Pets

Check out our apparel shop and wear your senior pride!

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